Military Camp In Loviisa 29.6-1.7.2007

His Majesty, The King Adolf Fredrik, muskets, cannons, noble women, beggars and artisans in the 18th century historical event in Loviisa!

The Good Citizens of Loviisa -association from Finland will arrange in 29.6-1.7. a historical military camp in the land fortress of Loviisa. The participation re-enactors are: Arma Aboa’s Artillery group (Turku, FIN), Ojalas Artillerie group (FIN), Hämeen Wanhan Linnan Kilta ry,Kustavilaiset elävöittäjät, Fredrikstens Artillerie Compagnie (NOR) and Preobrazhensky Life Guards (RUS/EST). The partner in arranging the camp is The Old Militia of Helsinki and the Good Townspeople (Helsingin Wanha Waruswäki ja Kaupungin Hywät Asukkaat ry).

The main place of the camp is in 1750’s built Bastion Ungern. It is one of the fortifications which were built in Loviisa near the eastern border of Sweden (-Finland). After year 1743 the Russian border was only 14 kilometres east from Loviisa. Sweden decided to fortified Loviisa year 1748. The fortifications are designed by Augustin Ehrensvärd, who designed also the fortress of Sveaborg (Suomenlinna) outside Helsinki. Between the land fortresses Ungern and Rosen goes old King’s road from Stockholm to Saint Petersburg. Outside Loviisa is the naval fortification Svartholma. Svartholma and Sveaborg surrendered to Russian forces in 1808. Next year the whole Finland was occupied by Russia.

The military camp is meant to participant re-enactors between 1680-1770 (Caroliner, “tricorn”). Also women and children in 18th century clothing are welcome to the event.

The King comes to Loviisa 18th century weekend has been arranged since year 1998. The historical happening is due to the King Adolf Fredrik’s visit to Degerby town and Svartholma fortress in the 29.6.-1.7.1752. The King was so pleased that he gave his wife’s, the Queen of Sweden, name Loviisa to the town. Every year after 1998 have 60 to 150 historically dressed people taken part to the event.

Welcome to Loviisa, the eastern town of Sweden of years 1745-1809!

Download camp program here